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About INNO Grips

"INNO-Grips" (short for "Global Review of Innovation Policy Studies") was a European Commission funded project focusing on the analysis and development of innovation policy. Its aim was to support policy makers across Europe adopt appropriate policy responses to emerging innovation needs, trends and phenomena. It analysed framework conditions, barriers and drivers to innovation and innovation policy and offered intelligence on international developments in these fields.

The project ran a three year cycle (February 2010- January 2013). Over the course of these three years, INNO Grips conducted 12 cutting-edge studies on aspects of innovation and related policy and organised 12 associated workshops to discuss and validate their findings. These studies and workshops allowed for exchange of informed views, ideas and best practices amongst innovation stakeholders in order to optimise innovation policy Europe-wide.

These key activities of the of INNO-Grips were complemented by a news service about international innovation policy developments, covering about 40 countries worldwide, and newsletters about innovation policy developments were regularly disseminated.  Finally, there was the chance for international innovation policy experts to submit and share their views via the INNO-Grips Innovation Policy Blog. INNO-Grips thus acted as a platform for all stakeholders involved in the practice of innovation and in innovation policy.

The workload to research and publish the 12 INNO-Grips studies, as well as to organise each of their respective related workshops, was equally divided between two consortia, the first dealing with ’Innovation policy reserach and intelligence’ and the latter with ’Economic and market intelligence on innovation’. This website archives the 6 key study publications and other central activies of the first pillar of the project.

The consortia responsible for the first pillar INNO-Grips was managed by empirica GmbH, Bonn (www.empirica.com), and the co-operating partners were ICEG European Center, Budapest (www.icegec.hu) and IW Consult, Cologne (www.iwconsult.de).

The second pillar of INNO-Grips was composed of a consortium led by WIFO, Austria and including Frauenhofer ISI, Germany; Greenovate! Belgium; Managment Centre Innsbruck MCI, Austria; NIFU STEP, Norway and UNU-MERIT based at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands.


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